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Enjoy yourself and have a good laugh by reading the famous Funny Quotations featured. Everyone loves television and the movies and to read the Famous Funny Quotations by their favourite film and movie stars. The movie and TV stars are fascinating as are their funny great Quotes and quotations.

Some of the Famous Funny Quotations can be described as legendary Quotes, and some even as notorious Quotations! The type of humour in these sayings can range from amusing, witty, entertaining, comical and droll to side-splitting hilarious and downright riotous Quotations! A range of famous classic and popular funny Quotes by great celebrities have been included.

A really comprehensive Famous Funny Quotations section covering all aspects of unforgettable words and sayings by celebrities, personalities and comedians from TV and the movies. The many famous stars listed above are well known for their legendary and sometimes notorious funny Quotations and quotes.

The famous funny Quotes of these celebrated, eminent, distinguished and prominent celebrities (with often notorious or infamous witty qoutations) provide a vast selection of Famous Funny Quotations.

The type of humour in these sayings can range from amusing, witty, entertaining, comical and droll to side-splitting hilarious and downright riotous Quotations! We hope that you enjoy looking through the famous funny and hilarious quotes and quotations and find a good reason to quote the most original of the famous, great funny quotations featured. As the famous Donald O'Connor song and quote goes

" Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh!"

Douglas Adams Fred Allen Gracie Allen
Woody Allen Woody Allen Mario Andretti
Isaac Asimov Arturo Toscanini Saint Augustine
Lionel Barrymore Ingrid Bergman Jack Benny
Milton Berle Napoleon Bonaparte Elaine Boosler
Mel Brooks Mel Brooks Rita Mae Brown
George Burns George Burns George Burns
Jim Carrey Dale Carnegie Tom Clancy
Johnny Carson Dick Cavett Quentin Crisp
Katherine CebrianSir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill
Tom Clancy Cicero Salvador Dali
Danny Devito Charles Dickens Jimmy Durante
Les Dawson Thomas Alva Edison Dave Edison
T. S. EliotAlbert Einstein Ralph Waldo Emerson
Paul ErdosRichard J. FerrisW C Fields Funny
Zsa Zsa Gabor J. Paul Getty Goethe
Che Guevara Ernest Hemingway Sigfried Hulzer
Bob Hope Bob Hope Bob Hope
Dave James John F. Kennedy Funny Henry Kissinger
David Letterman Jerry Lewis Vince Lombardi
Alice Roosevelt LongworthNorman Mailer Bette Midler
Groucho Marx Groucho Marx Spike Milligan
Spike Milligan Wilson Mizner Eric Morecambe
Jim Morrison Richard M. Nixon Aristotle Onassis
General George Patton Marion Pearson Plato
Pablo Picasso Elvis Presley Ronald Reagan
Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Francois-Auguste Rodin
Will Rogers Will Rogers Will Rogers
Gilda Radner Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell
Arnold Schwarzenegger George Bernard Shaw Homer Simpson
Freddie Starr James Stephens Adlai Stevenson
Socrates Mark Twain Mark Twain
Mark Twain Mark Twain Gore Vidal
Thomas Watson H. G. Wells H. G. Wells
Mae West Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde
Robin Williams Robin Williams Walter Winchell

Frank Zappa

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It only goes to show that you do not have to be a comedian to be funny or come up with humorous or witty Quotations, quotes and jokes. The famous, funny movie Quotes and quotations featured in this section are the direct verbal and spoken communication or sayings used by the famous person whilst some are taken from their actual movies or TV shows. Comedians, actors, actresses, authors and TV personalities have been featured with their most famous, witty and funny Quotes!


Famous Funny Quotations

The most famous and celebrated great Quotes of all time have been included in this collection of famed funny quotations. Famous and Popular Quotations from the World of entertainment have proved to be so successful that they have become part of our everyday language.

We associate the famous funny Quotations with the personalities who spoke them. Familiarize yourself with the most famous funny, witty quotations by looking through this section of amusing and droll comments. Some of the famous funny quotes raise a smile but with others you just cannot help laughing out loud! Drop any of these famous, funny quotations into a conversation to bring a smile to the faces of your friends!

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