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The Text Message dictionary - a fun and easy way to learn about emoticons and text talk short codes. A free online dictionary of Text Message Acronyms. A Glossary of popular Text Message Acronyms. The Text Message dictionary provides examples and definitions of all the basic Text Message Translations. The ever growing popularity of these short codes for texts, emails, blogs and even for use in every day language can leave you feeling confused!

Do you know your IMS from your TTFN or ROLF? The guide to Text Message contains many examples of Text Message and their meanings. A free, online list and dictionary of important Text Message Terms! Browse our free, online Text Message dictionary for the term that you are curious about in the R - Z Text Message list!

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Text Message Shorthand is a new language! Their definitions are fascinating and once you know them a huge amount of time can be saved next time you send an email, text, instant message update your blog or use a social networking site. Browse the free, on line Text Message Acronyms Dictionary to increase your understanding of the meanings of this ever growing language, hundreds of acronyms.

You are guaranteed to find something you didn't know the meaning of. The Text Message dictionary provides a great educational guide for those searching for definition of text talk and emoticons. At the very least you will most certainly increase your vocabulary and understanding of the contents of Text Messages in this Urban Dictionary!


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