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Enjoy yourself by reading these Inspirational Love Quotes and Quotations. Is love making you feel happy or sad? You will find both happy and sad love quotes suitable for all ages and all occasions. Experiencing first love? The famous teen love quotes describing very sad love crush quotes and lost love quotes will be for you. The short love quotes and quotations are presented in an unusual style containing famous love quotes and sad love quotations.

Famous love quotations and quotes from favourite celebrities, film and movie stars. Inspirational Love Quotes and Quotations can provide comfort or provide motivational support during difficult times A range of free, famous Love Quotes and Quotations are available including romantic quotes from famous poets such as the Great William Shakespeare.


Babe Ruth Oprah Winfrey Martha Stewart
Abraham LincolnDonald TrumpMohamed Al-Fayed
Charles SchwabDick Vermeil Richard Branson
Vince Lombardi Wayne Gretzky Tommy Lasorda
Aldous Huxley George LucasCoach Paul 'Bear' Bryant
Donald Trump Pat Riley Oprah Winfrey
Zig Ziglar John Wooden Michael Eisner
George Halas Bill Shankly Steve Jobs
Muhammad Ali Vince Lombardi Mark Twain
Li Ka Shing Dale Carnegie Jim Rohn
Abraham LincolnWinston Churchill Bill Clinton
Winston ChurchillCharles Darwin Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Jim Rohn Grandma Moses
William Durant John H. Johnson Benjamin Disraeli
Margaret ThatcherJeffrey Gitomer Kerry Packer
Oprah Winfrey Peter Drucker Lee Lacocca
Peter Lynch Winston Churchill John D. Rockefeller
Charles SchwabDonald TrumpAlbert Schweitzer
Michael Levy Stephen CoveyOprah Winfrey

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Motivational Quotes and Quotations providing the power of positive thought about a variety of subjects such as sport, games and success. Motivational words from Philosophers and Sporting legends. Motivational Quotes from famous people. And On a lighter side funny Motivational Quotes and Quotations have also been included in this section.


The most famous and celebrated Motivational Quotes and Quotations of all time have been included in this collection of famed Motivational and inspirational quotations. Famous, funny and Popular Motivational Quotes and Quotations from the World of entertainment and sport. Familiarize yourself with the most famous Motivational Quotes and Quotations by looking through this section of positive motivational sayings. Some of the Motivational Quotes and Quotations raise a smile but some others make you think about success, achievement and life. Famous Motivational quotations and quotes from sporting stars who use the power of positive thinking to achieve success in sports and games.

Enhance the power of positive thinking with these free Motivational Quotes and Quotations. A range of free, famous Motivational Quotes and Quotations by great celebrities and sports stars have been included. On a lighter side funny Motivational Quotes and Quotations have also been included in this section. Famous Motivational quotations and quotes from politicians, sporting stars working with the Power of Positive thought.
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