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Enjoy yourself and have a good laugh by reading these funny Birthday Quotes and Quotations. Everyone loves television and the movies and to read the Birthday Quotes and Quotations by their favourite celebrities, film and movie stars. The movie and TV stars are fascinating as are their great funny Birthday Quotes and quotations. Some of the Birthday Quotes and Quotations can be described as legendary Quotes, and some even as notorious Quotations!

The type of humour in these Birthday Quotes sayings can range from amusing, witty, entertaining, comical and droll to side-splitting hilarious and downright riotous Birthday Quotes and Quotations! A range of famous classic and popular Birthday Quotes and Quotations by great celebrities have been included.

It only goes to show that you do not have to be a comedian to be Humorous or come up with Humorous or witty Birthday Quotes and Quotations, quotes and jokes. The famous, Humorous movie Quotes and quotations featured in this section are the direct verbal and spoken communication or sayings used by the famous person whilst some are taken from their actual movies or TV shows. Comedians, actors, actresses, authors and TV personalities have been featured with their most famous, witty and funny Birthday Quotes and Quotations!

Birthday Quotes!

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Lucille Ball QuoteBenjamin Franklin Quote
Robert Frost QuoteLarry Lorenzoni Quote
Jack Benny QuoteOscar Wilde Quote
Fred Astaire QuotePablo Picasso Quote
T. S. Eliot QuoteMark Twain Quote
Elizabeth Cady Stanton QuoteEvan S. Connell Quote
Anonymous Author QuoteBenjamin Franklin Quote
William Shakespeare QuoteOgden Nash Quote
Jonathon Swift QuoteRobert Browning Quote
Oliver Wendell Holmes QuoteRobert Southey Quote
Katherine Hepburn QuoteMaurice Chevalier Quote
Mark Twain QuoteOrson Welles Quote
Oliver Goldsmith QuoteBob Hope Quote
Thomas Alva Edison QuoteGertrude Stein Quote
Bob Hope QuoteHenry Ford Quote
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow QuoteGeorge Bernard Shaw
Alexander Pope QuoteRev. Larry Lorenzoni Quote
Bob Hope QuoteDoris Day Quote
John Glenn QuoteGeorge Bernard Shaw Quote

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The most famous and celebrated Birthday Quotes and Quotations of all time have been included in this collection of famed Humorous quotations. Famous and Popular Birthday Quotes and Quotations from the World of entertainment have proved to be so successful that they have become part of our everyday language.

Birthday Quotes!

Familiarize yourself with the most famous Humorous, witty Birthday Quotes and Quotations by looking through this section of amusing and droll comments. Some of the Birthday Quotes and Quotations raise a smile but with others you just cannot help laughing out loud! Drop any of these famous, Birthday Quotes and Quotations when celebrating a birthday to bring a smile to the faces of your friends!

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